Saturday, March 7, 2009


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The Acme Flea Circus

By denise | March 7, 2009

I know, I know, it’s been a whole week since we went to the flea circus and y’all have been dying to hear about it. I’m sorry. I’m a busy woman. And, I felt a little uncomfortable about blogging something like the Acme Flea Circus after hearing about Chuck’s family. So, it’s been a week and I’m still too darn busy but I have had a bit of blogging fever so… yea, the Acme Flea Circus…. omg… awesomeness.

Consider this a public service announcement. The following post contains use of the word freak in a way that might make some people uncomfortable. Your uncomfortableness is not my goal. In my household, the use of the word freak is not a negative or derogatory thing. We, the Flamingo House inhabitants, have embraced all things freaky and all people who society currently or has been known to label as freaks. We like the freak. More freaks should exist. Everyone should embrace their inner and outer freak and strive to become more freak-like. If this makes you uncomfortable, you might simply choose to stop reading. Or you may continue reading at your own risk.

Before I tell you why the Acme Flea circus gets an “omg…awesome!” from me, I have to tell you a couple of little stories. First, the story of TW and the fleas.


So yea. We have the woman who invented fleas and her daughter the circus freak. God or some higher power was paying attention when he influenced me to open a Daily Candy newsletter (something I never ever do) to discover the Acme Flea Circus would be performing in the Intuit, just a few short miles from our home. Fate! Cosmic something or other. I purchased six tickets.

At this point, I have to say that not all Flamingo House inhabitants were thrilled with the idea of the Flea Circus. RJ was not unhappy about the idea, she just wasn’t enthusiastic. Prince J, however, was downright bitchy about the idea and there was much “it’s not fair! why do I have to go!” all of which lasted right up until the moment we took our seats at the Flea Circus.

Prince J and RJ sat in the second row with me. TW, Liz and TW’s mother sat in the front row in front of us. As people came in and found their seats (sold out show with people turned away who thought they could buy their tickets at the door!) the ringmaster wandered around with a little tray selling the tiniest programs for a dime a piece. TW bought six and we all sat down to read them. But the print was incredibly small and it was a little dark. Luckily, the ringmaster had thought of that and he had tiny little magnifying glasses for sale, and he walked around selling those too.

Which of course led him to sell flea tattoos, postcards, photographs and the much coveted bumper sticker. The “flea market” before the “flea circus”. It was incredibly amusing and both of the previously disgruntled teens were fascinated by the showmanship of the ringmaster.

And then the show began - with Midge and Madge, the most brilliant and talented fleas ever. They even have their own Airstream! (sweet!) Midge and Madge had a race - our side of the room rooted for Midge, the other side for Madge. There was much cheering and jeering and in the end…Midge! The winner!

There was a brief stop in the flea action for the ringmaster to read us a very informative book about the history of fleas.

And then Midge walked the tightwire, something our little circus freak enjoys (though not as much as she enjoys the Spanish Web.)

Another brief stop for some “Flea Verse” and uh oh… Madge escaped from the Airstream or was flea-napped! Thankfully, the ringmaster found poor Madge hiding in a woman’s hair.

Did I mention both teens were amused by this performance and could not keep from smiling, even though they tried - when they realized both their mother and I had noticed them actually enjoying themselves.

Then, the finale - Midge and Madge would be shot from a cannon, through a ring of fire, into their Airstream!


Ohhhh scaryyyyyy! Very tense moment…. they made it! Much cheering ensued.

We all, and I do mean all, had a fabulous time.