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Saturday, July 23, 2016

WGN TV News July 22, 2016

Circus with tiny stars big on fun

CHICAGO -- Adam Gertsacov doesn’t use that many performers in his show, but in the 20 years he has been touring around the world, he says he has perfected the art of what he calls the study of fleas.
Today, his circus performed at Berger Park for some Chicago Park District camp kids and offered a little education and a lot of entertainment.
A chariot race, a highwire act and cannon heroics were all part of the show.
Adam says his fleas live for about 24-months and require three to five months of training before hitting the big stage.
The show started in 1996 and has been performed in 37 states and five countries.
Two years ago Adam and his family settled in Chicago.
This summer the free show can be seen at four different Chicago parks as part of the nights out in the park program.
July 27 6 PM Touhy Park (7348 N. Paulina Ave)
August 4 6 PM Adams Park (1919 N. Seminary Ave)
August 10 6:30 PM Oriole Park (5430 N. Olcott Ave)
August 12 3:30 PM Gladstone Park (5421 N. Menard Ave)
Cost: Free (seating limited, please arrive early)
More info: or call (312) 742-7529 or (312) 747-2001 (TTY).