Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fascinating Nouns Episode 46

Professor Gertsacov is featured in an hour long podcast on the Podcast Fascinating Nouns.

 Prof. A. G. Gertsacov is a man of many talents, an his ‘Acme Miniature Flea Circus’ is just one.  He is a Waylon Smithers-esque aficionado of Barbies, graduate of Comedia Dell Arte, and an expert in the ways of ‘Punch and Judy’.  I sit and talk to him about those things, as well as fleas believe it or not.  While having an unrelenting resistance to divulging proprietary information, I do manage to get out of him a few things like what defines a talented flea, what are their capabilities in human terms (superhero in short), and how he feeds them!

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